A Little About Me

I have many skills ranging from programming to technical support. I have been working with many languages for almost 6 years. I take a lot of pride in my work and I can guarantee that anything that you would need done I can do. If you have any questions Please feel free to contact me via Steam or Discord and I will be more than happy to respond.

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    System Administration

    I have been Administrating Systems for over 3 years, very experienced with Linux, Windows, and OSX.

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    Lua Developer

    I'm highly experienced with Lua as it is the first language I've learned and have been writing Lua for more than 5 years!

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    Javascript Developer

    I created my first Discord Bot in 2016 and grew a love for this language. I have been writing Javascript ever since!

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    Maybe you're unsure on what you desire, or maybe need some advice? Don't hesitate as I provide consulation and support for free!

  • Tera TTT

    Tera TTT - Community Director

    A while ago I was playing Trouble In Terrorist's Town with a couple friends. As we were playing I realized that there was little to no content and the players were not having a good time and were leaving the server. I decided that I was going to improve upon an open source idea, and that idea was Tera.GG! Tera.GG was created for the players. Tera offers multiple activity's including custom crates players can open. This project is one of my current children and I hope you love it!

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  • Defcon Gaming - Network Operator & Lead Developer

    DefconGaming.net - Network Operator & Lead Developer

    I'm currently the Network Operator & Lead Developer at Defcon Gaming. I help manage our dedicated solutions and help maintain our other servers.

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    • JS
    • PHP
    • System Administration
  • Lola The Sloth - Contributor

    Lola The Sloth - Contributor

    Lola is a multifunctional Discord bot with over 60+ Moderation Commands along with tons of Amazing and Unique Features. Sleek and Profficient REST API Allowing linking in-game account to discord. Lola was a real sloth and sadly passed away due to cancer and this is my tribute to her.

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    AOTR.GG - Developer

    AOTR is a completely custom CloneWarsRP server featuring many custom systems allowing complete customization of your character.

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    • JS


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